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Airpolice cybersecurity training for companies to protect against cyberthreats. Contact Airpolice.
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Prepare today for the cyber threats of tomorrow.
We help to protect companies from a broad range of threats through security awareness and education across the entire organization.  Additionally, we champion a cybersecurity mindset type culture in the workforce which is beneficial to the success of any organization.
Awareness around threats:

- Ransomware
- Spoofing
- Phishing
- Password Attacks [Brute Force Attacks]
- DDoS Attacks
- and more

The goal is for every employee or contractor to put “Security First” in their day to day jobs while ensuring everyone knows how to stay safe online at work and home.  Starforce a provides top tiered platinum standard of value packed informational and practical instructional training sessions for companies across industries including energy, financial, healthcare, oil and gas, automotive, construction, information technology, government and defense.

This session is orchestrated to arm your employees and business leaders with mission critical key points to be aware of methods and practices to be wise against potential offenders and be equipped as a cyberforce in cyberspace. 

The primary features include:

- A live training session via Zoom
- Examples of common security threats to Users.
- Credential Hardening
- Secure Remote Workforce
- Identify potential threats and vulnerabilities
- Actionable intelligence around computer systems, mobile devices, and social channels.
- and more.

Knowing is half the battle and action balances the equation.
According to the Better Business Bureau, small businesses loose $80k on average due to cyber crime annually. Microsoft says that a data breach will cost the average company $3.8 million.

The investment into cyber security awareness training has a positive ROI when it comes to protecting your customers, their data, and your company or agency proprietary information and infrastructure.  Their is a major difference in capital expenditures when it comes to Cyber security training versus the costs of rebuilding a reputation, customer base, or internal assets. For some companies, training is required for all staff to ensure compliance with internal policies and regulatory requirements.

Investing in a focused security session with Starforce is structured to save companies millions of dollars and to help safeguard company assets, employees, and treasury.

A Starforce Officer will conduct the special mission training force by way of a video conference call. The session is  a focused and value packed presentation and training exercise.

Contact us today and schedule your Starforce Royal Academy Cybersecurity Awareness Training.
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